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Customer's FAQ

CashPally is a "buy now, pay later" platform that allows SMEs to offer consumer financing at the point of sale to income earners. Cashpally allows the customers to customize their repayment schedules. With CashPally, You can leverage on your social connections to access credits free of collateral to pay for goods and services.

You can access credits up to N100,000 for a maximum period of a year.

CashPally charges a weekly holding fee. For credit amounts up to N50,000, you pay N1,000 for every week you hold the money. For loan amounts greater than N50,000 and up to N100,000, you pay N2,000 for every week that you hold the money. In escence, the earlier you repay, the smaller your fees.

To apply for a loan, a valid means of identification (national ID card, work ID card, driver’s license, or international passport), and an active bank account are required.

To be eligible, you must have an active bank account with verifiable income, and currently living in Nigeria.

Upon reciepient of all relevant documents, your loans are processed and disbursed typically in less than 30 minutes.

Your credit offer is calculated based on the verified data from your information and current risk profile. Data points such as your income, duration for which the account has been active, consistency of your transactions are few examples of the factors that impact your loan offer.

All users are limited to one loan at a time. However, users who have vouched for others on the app, are not eligible for loans, until the loan is repaid by the borrower.

The minimum amount you can shop with on CashPally is ₦10, 000

Merchants FAQ

CashPally helps you offer consumer financing, increasing your revenue and accelerate customer convention rate.

You would need your company registration documents, ID Card, and a bank account to receive your money.

Upon approval of a customers invoice, your Merchant wallet gets credited. Merchants can withdraw Funds into their provided bank accounts at any time. Including weekends.

No. Marchants sign up for free on the platform. No monthly fees, no minimum rates. Merchants only pay a token of N1000 for invoices below N50,000 and N2000 for invoices above N50,000 but less than N100,000.

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